AIJA - Hapiness and Wellbeing expert


In 2013 Aija Bruvere received Graduate Diploma in Coaching Psychology from University of Sydney. Aija works as Happiness, Career and Business Coach in Sydney. Her primary background is Business: she graduated from Stockholm School of Economics in Riga in 2003 with Bsc in Economics and Business and later received a Masters degree in Social Sciences. In recent years she has made successful transition from running her own business to helping others improve their productivity and outcomes. Her focus and passion is to make research in Positive Psychology practically relevant and applicable to her audiences.

Aija is the owner and founder of ABM Consulting, a business consulting firm specializing in management consulting and she has also runs BrainSpa international retreats program. Since 2008 Aija has prepared and facilitated series of personal development seminars and business workshops that focus on personal leadership, goal attainment, peak performance and happiness and wellbeing. Aija Bruvere has delivered successful seminars in Australia, Asia and Europe and also at sea (in 2016 and 2017 Aija Bruvere has given well received lectures on Princes cruises as Happiness and Wellbeing expert). Aija currently lives and works mainly in Sydney, Australia, but also runs workshops and delivers lectures overseas.